What is Marginal Pains?

It’s supposed to be a weekly newsletter focusing on a topical aspect of football, but in a detailed way you won’t find elsewhere. However, given the number of ideas we have and the sheer volume of matches this season, I reckon it’ll be a lot more frequent.

Why Marginal Pains?

Football teams often talk about how important marginal gains are, like when Liverpool hired a throw-in coach. Well, it can be a bit of a pain explaining exactly how, and why, these marginal gains make such a big difference.

Who are Dave and Sam?

Dave is the football scouting and analysis writer Reach PL. He’s had bylines in The Liverpool Echo, The Manchester Evening News and The Daily Mirror. He also collects for Opta and he’s the opposition scout for Clitheroe FC.

Sam is best known for having the Christian Bale avi on Twitter. He’s a football writer for Twenty3 and he’s had work appear on Sky Sports, ESPN and The Liverpool Echo.